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Early-NOV Release


This release includes the following new features and improvements:

  • The Documents app file size limit has been increased from 50MB to 200MB.
  • The “Create Change Request" capability has been renamed to "Change Request" and the create, read, update and delete permissions can now be set separately.
  • A new search view has been added to the Details menu to allow searching by Insurance Cover.
  • The Client/Group loan details screen now has two tabs: "Summary" containing the loan summary for a Client/Group, and "History" containing the loan history for the Client/Group. In our next release, there will be an additional loan search in the main Details menu, listing current Loans.


  • Opex Consulting's Auto FDS
    • It’s now possible to link an FDS Adviser to a Key Firm Contact. This means that an Adviser will be automatically chosen for an FDS if that client has a Key Firm Contact of the desired type. A Key Firm Contact can be linked from the app's Adviser settings page.
    • We've added search functionality to the app. You can now search for active FDS records from the search bar at the top of every page.


  • Xeppo APIs - Private beta testing
    • We have continued building out scalability, performance and features within Xeppo's API, with select vendors continuing building of additional connectors. This continues in beta with these vendors and practices throughout the remainder of the year, including PowerBI integration through our ODATA API.

Please review the attached release notes and mail-out for further information.

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