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Mid-OCT Release


This release includes the following new features and improvements:

  • You can now add Notes to Activities, holding additional info as required. The Activity edit form has been modified to include a new "Notes" tab, were you can add and edit notes. The number of notes on an Activity is displayed on the tile within projects and within the activity timeline on Opportunities/Leads/Clients/Groups.

  • Notes and Tasks can now be imported from XPLAN. This can be configured for a one off import or an ongoing update. These Activities can either be viewed as with standard Activities that are created in Xeppo, and even be taken over in Xeppo if you now wish to manage it there. Note that this is in Beta and we will work with select practices that express interest in the import. Please contact Opex Consulting to discuss costs and implementation.

  • Opex Consulting's Auto FDS App now allows for revoking of shared FDS as well as modifying the reply to address when sharing. 

Please review the attached release notes and mail-out for further information.

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