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Mid-SEP Release


This release includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Activity Categories and Subcategories can now be created through the Admin > Settings area of the Activities app. Activities can then be assigned to a Category and Subcategory which will display on both Activity tiles within a Project and the Activity timeline on Projects, Opportunities, Leads and the Client & Group details screens.

  • A Projects tile has been added to the Client & Group details page’s Practice tab. Projects can also be accessed from the Client or Group’s Apps menu showing all projects and allowing you to create a new project. At the top right of the Client/Group details screen a new red button displays the number of related active projects.

  • Users will now be able to filter Projects by participants assigned to the Project.

  • Related projects will now be visible from Leads, Opportunities and Projects. This rolls up any Projects assigned to the Client or Group that the Lead or Opportunity is related to.

  • In last release, Opex Consulting's Auto FDS app allowed for sending of an FDS via email. Further updates this release include recording of an Opt-In or Opt-Out response for services by the Client, Preferred Email in searches and sending/resending of finalised FDS at any time. Please contact Opex to arrange a demonstration if you wish to know more about how this app can help you track FDS.

Please review the attached release notes and mail-out for further information.

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