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E-Mail Integration and Office 365 Automation


If you are using Office 365 then you may wish to explore some more automated features to streamline the posting of e-mails to Xeppo.


Most Office 365 subscriptions include an App called "Flow".


We encourage you to explore this tool as you can create actions based on a variety of events that can occur in Office 365 applications.


Flow can be accessed via your browser based Office 365 login (as shown below)



Example: File to Xeppo when you flag an e-mail.

One simple of example of how Flow can make life easier is a rule which is triggered whenever you flag an e-mail in your Inbox (in this case) and as shown below.


The Flow rule below will forward any e-mail flagged in your InBox Folder to Xeppo and then move it to a previously created folder called "Xeppo Mail".




- that the To: address would be whatever your Xeppo inbound e-mail account is.

- can flag emails on your smartphone or tablet as well.

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