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Projects is a part of the Activities App. You will need CRM licensing to use this feature.



Projects allows you to create an orderly set of Activities to manage your standard processes or to manage a once off Project.


The Key features of Projects includes:

  • Define the Roles/Participants involved in the project
  • Ability to create Stages of a project
  • Associate Activities with a particular Stage
  • Trigger Activities at the commencement of a stage
  • Trigger Activities upon the completion of another Activity in the same stage.
  • Add/change Activities within a Project at any time
  • Create Project Templates for re-use
  • Ability to build custom views and reports


Projects is intentionally simple and easy to use.


We know your business needs to be agile and have ability to accommodate the unexpected!


Introduction to Projects

See projects in action..


Creating your First Project Template



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