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Turning off Moneysoft account notifications


Moneysoft will send alerts to your Client and the registered Adviser from time to time. The following screen shot highlights what alerts you are able to configure for both Client and Adviser.

It may be that you wish to disable these messages, particularly to the client.


To easily edit the Moneysoft Alerts for a particular Client follow these steps:

1. Log into Xeppo

2. Go to the Xeppo Client you wish to adjust

3. Select Apps\Moneysoft page, as shown below.

4. Open another tab in your browse and go to the following link.


You will then be presented with the following page where you can uncheck the alerts for the Client and Adviser.

Check that the Client name in the top right of the screen matches the client selected in Xeppo.

Simply click on the tick/cross to enable or disable. The changes are automatically saved.

Repeat the same steps for each Client you wish to adjust.


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