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Setting Up Documents App (Admin role only)


Xeppo Documents App

The Xeppo Documents App allows you to upload/link documents saved in your file system against a client or group in Xeppo. You can then categorise the document to help with searching, search the entire document library in Xeppo, or just see what's been linked to individual clients or groups. 


For Practice Admin Users:

The Documents App requires a little bit of set up prior to deploying to your users.

Go to Apps -> Documents, then Admin->Settings.



Set up Document Categories for the Practice


Add the required categories via the Add new record button. If you need to change the Category name, use the Edit button on that category row, and if you want to remove a category, use the Delete button on that category row.

NOTE: Be careful with the delete function, you can delete a Category that has already been used against a document. If this happens, all documents linked to that Category will revert to Uncategorised.

Document Storage

The Storage Used widget will display how much available document storage space your Practice has left.


This setting governs whether Clients are notified when a document is uploaded against them.

NOTE: This is a Practice wide setting, so will apply to all Clients who are given Xeppo access.

Users with Access to Xeppo Documents

This section displays the names of users who have been granted access to Xeppo documents and where that access is granted from (ie. Directly at the user level, or Inherited via a Security Group).


Provide your Xeppo Users access to the Documents App

Next you'll need to give the required users access to the Documents App. All Capabilities have been turned on for the Practice Default Group. Go to the App Capabilities tab and select Create/Read/Update/Delete access against 3. Xeppo Documents App, as desired, then click Save changes.

We suggest you only give Read Access to the Practice Default Group and if you need to provide additional levels of access to the Documents App, for eg. some users Create and Update access and only selected users get Delete access, then you'll need to create additional Security Groups, give them the relevant capabilities on the Documents App only, then add the relevant users to those security groups.



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