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Early-SEPTEMBER Release


This release includes the Net Worth App, a function to Merge Xeppo Codes and several back-end security updates.

Please contact support if you wish to find out more about how the Net Worth app can be used within your business to improve your client offering. We will be in touch with some additional videos on this new feature and to discuss licensing costs and activation if you choose to enable this app.

We have migrated to an enterprise-level database, bringing new security features including row-level security, data encryption at rest and always on availability groups to provide a high availability environment for disaster recovery. Building upon our existing security, these new features satisfy enterprise-level requirements with a more robust system.

Note that any changes to user access permissions will now take up to 15 minutes to take effect. Though no longer immediate, this has allowed us to ensure the portal performance is not affected while providing additional layers of security. In fact, you may notice that a lot of the site is performing even better than it previously did! Please contact support if you experience any particular performance issues in your practice.

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