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Administering your Moneysoft App


Whats included in this article?

This article covers the functions available via the Moneysoft App that assist with the ongoing administration of your Moneysoft clients.

- Opening the Moneysoft App

- Synced Clients

- Moneysoft Clients

- Audits


Opening the Moneysoft App

If you have access then the Moneysoft App is available to you via the Xeppo main menu under Apps.


When you first open the App you are presented with the landing screen which summarises invitations sent as well as the number of property valuations in the month.



Synced Clients

This is the list of clients in Moneysoft that are synced with Xeppo. 



Moneysoft clients

This is a list of all clients stored directly in your Moneysoft Account. Note that you are automatically logged into your account. take note of the message at the top of the screen which explains what this list contains.


From this list you can see the status of Clients, and you can also Activate accounts if the client has not yet done so themselves.

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