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Getting Ready (Moneysoft App)


What's covered in this article?

Things to ensure you are ready to use the Moneysoft App

- Do you have a Moneysoft Account?

- Moneysoft Connector 

- Moneysoft App 

- Xeppo Client Access setup


Do you have a Moneysoft Account?

If you already have an arrangement with Moneysoft then you can move to the next point!

Before you can use the Moneysoft features you will first need to establish an Account with Moneysoft.

You can do this directly with Moneysoft, particularly if you want full functionality, or you can subscribe for Moneysoft Lite via your Xeppo arrangement (with your Distributor).

Xeppo has volume discount pricing which you benefit directly from. In addition you only have us to deal with!

Contact your Distributor to find out more.

Moneysoft Connector 

You need to activate the Moneysoft Connector. This attracts a standard monthly Connector fee and will connect directly to your Moneysoft Account.

Any existing clients will automatically flow though, as per any other Source Application connector.

Note you may only have one Moneysoft Adviser account per Xeppo practice

Moneysoft App 

The next step is to subscribe to the Moneysoft App.

Licensing is per client account, and the fee varies depending on whether you are subscribing for Moneysoft directly or via our corporate account. We will bill you at the end of each month based on active Moneysoft accounts.

In all cases contact your Distributor.



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