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Overview of Moneysoft App

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  • Overview
  • What is Moneysoft?
  • Extended reach of financial accounts
  • Moneysoft vs Moneysoft Lite
  • Moneysoft Connector vs Moneysoft App


Xeppo now supports the ability to integrate the core capabilities of Moneysoft within the Xeppo environment.

The key benefit is that you and the Client can log into Xeppo and collaborate data sourced from your core systems alongside their personal financial accounts, not necessarily managed by you, in one integrated environment.

Clients can add and maintain Moneysoft sourced financial accounts without leaving Xeppo.


What is Moneysoft?

Moneysoft is a 3rd party cloud based solution that allows your Clients to enter in the online banking and investment accounts and capture the balances of these accounts on a nightly basis.

Refer to the Moneysoft web site for more details about its capabilities.

Extended Reach of Financial Accounts

A key benefit of Moneysoft is that it has the ability to get nightly balances from a range of Asset and Liabilities beyond what you are able to get from other portfolio services such as XPLAN.

This includes

  • Direct access to Property Valuations
  • Bank feeds
  • Super and Investment platforms

So it is worthwhile exploring the capabilities of Moneysoft to streamline your portfolio services with your clients being a direct participant!

Moneysoft vs Moneysoft Lite.

Moneysoft offers a full and "Lite" version. The Full version provides a expansive cash flow management tool which some practices will offer to the clients.

The "Lite" version provides limited capabilities but is very cost effective if you want to add Personal financial accounts not presently available via other Source Applications. .

Xeppo has established an enterprise arrangement with Moneysoft where we can provide discounted pricing for Moneysoft Lite licensing.

Contact your Distributor for licensing and pricing details.

Moneysoft Connector vs Moneysoft App

Xeppo provides 2 components in relation to Moneysoft.

The Moneysoft connector relates to the nightly connection to your Moneysoft Adviser account and the loading of all clients account balances in your Moneysoft instance into Xeppo.

The process of matching to other sources occurs as per standard with Xeppo.

This connector assumes your client logs into the Moneysoft product to load and maintain their account credentials.

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