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Activities and Tasks


The Activities area of the Sales App has been expanded to allow creation of Calls, Meetings, Tasks and Emails, against Leads or Opportunities, in addition to Notes.

There is now an Activities option in the menu bar in the Sales App:

Search Activities

This will take you to the Activities search screen, where you can filter, save views, manage activities and export data.

The Actions button gives you the ability to Edit or Delete selected activities or Export data, and you can create new Activities directly from this screen via the Create Activity button.

Create Activities

You can also create activities from the Lead and Opportunity screens via the Create Activity button at the top of the Activities section, when you have a Lead or Opportunity open:

Note: The icons on the left of the activity logs are colour coded to indicate the Status of an activity.

  • Red = Overdue
  • Blue = Due
  • Grey = Open (not complete and no due date)
  • Green = Completed
  • Black = System changelog information

 There are now five activity types available:

Note: The icons on the left are also Activity Type indicators:

Call Email Meeting Note Task Changelog

There is also an Activity Type of ‘Changelog’, which captures the system recorded activities, such as creation of a Lead, re-assignment, qualification etc.

To create an activity

  1. Click on the Create Activity button
  2. Select the Activity Type
  3. Enter a description (format if desired)
  4. Select Start, End and Due dates & times where applicable
  5. Assign to a user and/or team
  6. Check Completed and select Completed date if applicable
  7. Click the Save Activity button


You can also edit or delete activities from the Activity list on the Lead or Opportunity, by clicking on the drop down arrow in the top right of the activity log.

Note: This is not available on system changelog activities.

Filter the list of activities you can see using the Filter button in the top right of the Activities section:


 Here you can choose to filter by Activity Type and Status:




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