Deleting a Moneysoft Account

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Deleting a Moneysoft Account


If for some reason you wish to delete a Client's Moneysoft account and/or remove their connection from xeppo then note the following.

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  • removing the Client's Moneysoft connector
  • removing client login Moneysoft permissions
  • deleting the client's Moneysoft account.

Removing the Moneysoft Account from Xeppo

  • Go to the Client you wish to remove
  • Go to the Admin tab
  • Click on the "Unlink Moneysoft" option


Remove Moneysoft Permissions Against Any Related Client Logins

If the client has a Xeppo login, you should also remove their Moneysoft Capabilities. If you have followed our recommended setup, this is achieved by removing the "Moneysoft clients" group against the clients user account.


Moneysoft License

To remove the Moneysoft license against the client you need to log directly into Moneysoft (, search for the client and then delete them. 

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