Configuring Xeppo Client Access for Moneysoft

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Configuring Xeppo Client Access for Moneysoft

This article outlines what you need to do to allow your clients to access the Xeppo Portal, including Moneysoft access.

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  • Verify Client Groups 
  • Create a "Moneysoft Clients" Security Group
  • Grant the right Permissions (in the security Group)
  • Creating a User Login
  • Testing the setup

Verify Client Groups

To give a client access to their Groups (and Entities) it is important that you have first verified the related Groups. 

If this is not done, the Client will not be able to see the Group and related entities

Create a Moneysoft Clients Security Group

Before you create any users we recommend you create a Moneysoft Clients Security Group. This will allow you to:

  • Easily see who has access to Moneysoft capabilities
  • Control what capabilities and permissions all Moneysoft clients have.
If you want any Client with Xeppo Access to have Moneysoft then alternatively, simply edit the existing Client Default Group and grant appropriate Moneysoft App and Personal Finance permission (as highlighted in Permissions section).

Grant the Right Permissions (via the Security Group)

There are two key permissions that any Client requires to be able to see Moneysoft related data. Within the Moneysoft Clients Security Group ensure the following are enabled:

Personal Finances (Core Capabilities section)

  • Tick the Personal Finance tab 


Access (App Capabilities)

  • 1. Apps > Access read permission is ticked
  • 4. Xeppo Moneysoft App read permission is ticked


Create the User

Now that we have a permission group we can do the final easy step and that's to create the client!

  • Go to Admin > Manager Users
  • Select Create User
  • Enter in their new user details
  • Go to the Authorization tab
  • Select the Inherited Permissions tab
  • Add the "Moneysoft Clients" group to the security group List
  • Remove the Client Default Group (optional)
  • Go to the Direct Permissions tab
  • Add the Groups/Clients that you wish the client to see when they log in (particularly the one where Moneysoft is going to be linked to!)

Test what you have done

The final step is to check that it all works.

  • While still on the user, Click on the Impersonate button.
  • You will then be impersonating the new user and you can navigate around ad see that everything works ok.
  • Check that what they can see in terms of Groups and Clients is correct.
  • Check that information they can see in group and client screens is as you intended.
If it doesn't work?
  • Did you correctly Verify the Groups?
  • Did you correctly set the group up and all Core and App capabilities?
  • Did you save your changes when you changed the permissions? (it won't hurt to go back and check)
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