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Key Firm Contacts


A unique feature within views is the use of Key Firm Contacts:

  • Due to the fact that a Group or Client may have multiple Key Firm Contacts the require special features.
  • You may Filter based on Key Firm Contacts
  • You may display Key Firm contacts via a special control

Displaying Key Firm Contacts

  • To display key firm contacts, select the "Key Firm Contacts" column and add to the "Selected Columns
  • Click on the "Display types" button which appears next to the Key Firm Contact to filter which types of Key Firm Contacts you wish to include in the view.

Filtering using Key Firm Contacts

You may also filter your views using Key Firm Contacts:

  • Contact Type allows you to filter based on the type of relationship 
  • Contact Name allows you to filter based on the actual key firm contact.

Watch the video to see Key Firm Contacts in cation.


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