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Default and Favourite Views


Xeppo allows you to:

  • set your own Personal default View for each Data element
  • mark your Favourite Views 

Default View

If you mark a View "Default" then this will be the View that is first opened when you select the related Data element. 

This is particularly helpful if you wish to (by default) limit rows in a View, to say, clients where you are the Key Firm Contact.

Setting your Default View

You can set your default View when you first save the view.

Alternatively you can set by clicking on the "Details" option next to the views name (when opened).

Removing a Default View 

Is achieved by Opening the View, then click on the "Details" option next to the name and click on the "Default" option. It will no longer be shaded.

The System default view will then be used as the default view.

 Favourite Views

If you mark a View as a Favourite, it will display it at the top of the "Views" list. It will also place a "Star" next to it so you can see it is a favourite.

The Favourite setting is achieved as per the Default View above.

 Video showing the use of default and favourite.


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