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Actions (Tags, Export and more)


All views provide a range of "Actions" which you can effect on all or a select number of rows in the view. 

To use actions:

  • Select the rows you wish the action to relate to.
    • You can tick specific rows
    • You can tick all rows on the page
    • Not selecting any rows will allow you to include all rows in the view.
  • Select the relevant action from the Actions button (top right)
  • Complete the relevant prompts the action requires.

There are 2 standard actions that are (typically) available in all views.


Allows you to add or remove Tags against rows in the current View.

Tags are defined by your Administrator.

See Tags section for more information.


Allows you to export the rows and columns in the current view to either an Excel or PDF file format.

This action is only available if you have this capability enabled

App Actions

How each Actions work for App related items will vary depending on the actual nature of the Action selected. Each Action is documented within the applicable areas.

Sample video showing the Export action.

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